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I just had a chat today with the wonderful Laura Pauling and we came to a conclusion. As indie authors we should always be writing.

 I’m actually in the throes of revision right now but I really want to be writing. Especially as I watch all the Nano-ers rack up the word count. I love writing that first draft. Actually I have a love hate relationship with drafting. Most times it comes out of my brain like a fury and I have to hurry and write everything down as fast as my fingers can fly across my ergo keyboard. Other times it’s like pulling teeth.
But one this is certain. As an indie author we need to PRODUCE.


<<<——————– NOT this!



WRITING is really the key to success. Get books out to your readers. I’m not saying to create and publish books quickly, hurriedly and in a rush.  At some point you realize your own production schedule for what creates a great quality book and I think you should stick with quality first and foremost.

But as writers we need to write new stuff. I realized this after I spent the majority of last year not writing but focusing on promoting. In reality the best thing to sell a book is to have another book available for sale… and another and another.

So, my plan that I plan on implementing is to write new material (drafting) in the morning about 1k words and revise about 10 pages in the afternoon. I’m aiming high so let’s see what happens.

How about you, as an indie do you have a production schedule?


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2 comments on “Always be Writing
  1. You know I do! I usually have several projects in various stages! 🙂

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