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CTA and Why Indie Pub Needs Them

      Do you know what a Call to Action is? It’s an easy visual for your readers to learn more about you and your writing. I’m in the process of cleaning up my website. Getting rid of extraneous

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I said Yes.

I said Yes. Sounds like a wedding proposal response doesn’t it? Heather Kelly and I joked about the similarities of organizing the 2015 New England SCBWI conference with organizing a wedding. Lots of people, lots of food, and lots of

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High Concept – Write YOUR Book

The idea of high concept has been around a while. It makes us sit up and take notice. From high concept noun 1. popular appeal high-concept. (as modifier): Baz Luhrmann’s high-concept Romeo and Juliet     I have to

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Middle Grade Week – Writing Indie Middle Grade

This week is all about Middle Grade: writing it, indie publishing it, and especially marketing it! As you may know, reaching those elusive middle grade readers is tough, doubly so when you’re indie published. Plus there are giveaways (see below)!  Here’s

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Indie Life – Panels!

I love when others share their knowledge. In my before-kids-life I used to teach adults how to use apps. When I was a kid, my sister and I taught our youngest sister to read over a single summer. So I

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Indie Life – 10 Must have Books on Writing and Publishing

Welcome to another Indie Life post! Today I’m going to share a resource list of books for the Indie Author. Each of these books I have read cover to cover and love for one reason or another. Allow me to

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Indie Life – Helpful post-conference WP info

I attended my yearly NESCBWI conference this weekend where for the first time I attended as faculty AND as the only self-published author at the signing. I have to say I didn’t feel like a pioneer. I felt like the

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High Concept – How to make it your own

I have a fascination with all things High Concept.  I enjoy reading it and I absolutely love the elusive hunt for it as a writer. The best way I think to find your own unique high concept is to really

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How to Avoid Jumping the Shark in Episodic Fiction

  Jumping the Shark. We all love this phrase don’t we? It’s a hilarious example of how a TV show can get the story wrong. I mean seriously The Fonz water skiing? In his jacket? Okay I get the jacket,

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Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Gangsterland 1920's mystery GANGSTERLAND When Jonathan Brooks moves in with his dad, he's sure his life has hit bottom. Until the local bully causes him to discover an unusual skill: Jonathan can disappear into a book. The book requires him to solve a crime, rescue the girl and save himself...all before the final page.      

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