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Prepping for NaNoWriMo 2015?

I’m in the process of prepping for NaNo next month. Lots of outlining is going on. I’m pretty excited about it for two reasons. My first reason for being excited is because I’ve outlined not only the first book in

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Middle Grade Week – Writing Indie Middle Grade

This week is all about Middle Grade: writing it, indie publishing it, and especially marketing it! As you may know, reaching those elusive middle grade readers is tough, doubly so when you’re indie published. Plus there are giveaways (see below)!  Here’s

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Always be Writing

I just had a chat today with the wonderful Laura Pauling and we came to a conclusion. As indie authors we should always be writing.  I’m actually in the throes of revision right now but I really want to be

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Over at Emblazon today – Movies!

Check out my post over at Emblazon today, where I talk about Movies created from books! What’s your favorite? And here’s some cool stuff while you’re waiting for my return. 🙂 Ender’s Game Trailer: Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters

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Bye, Bye, Burnell? I don’t think so.

So over the years I’ve enjoyed, like many authors, drawing comparisons between the writing life and American Idol. AI condenses the roller coaster ride of being a creative artist all in one season. [this is where I would have pasted

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High Concept – How to make it your own

I have a fascination with all things High Concept.  I enjoy reading it and I absolutely love the elusive hunt for it as a writer. The best way I think to find your own unique high concept is to really

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One Lovely Blog Award

First off I am very bad at blog chains. I even hated chain letters as a kid. Oh, they fascinated me. Imagine the same letter being seen by all those people, in one long imaginary chain. The concept is cool,

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Thankful for Family and Friends – and a book giveaway to you!

I am grateful for my friends. I’m one of those people who likes to be alone. I’m a writer, I suppose that’s par for the course. I like to ponder in my alone-ness. I’m good like that. I’m not especially

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10 Things Self-Published Authors should know about a Booksigning.

A friend recently created the opportunity for me to do a signing, without me even knowing.  It was National Neighborhood Toy Store day on Saturday and  friend mentioned me and my book to the store owner. My friend then told

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Happy NaNoWriMo!!

Today is November first and the first day of National Novel Writing month. You can find me over there at: My blog posts will be short this month but I’ll be busy working on the next Ink Portal Adventure:

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Available Now

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Gangsterland 1920's mystery GANGSTERLAND When Jonathan Brooks moves in with his dad, he's sure his life has hit bottom. Until the local bully causes him to discover an unusual skill: Jonathan can disappear into a book. The book requires him to solve a crime, rescue the girl and save himself...all before the final page.      

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