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I attended my yearly NESCBWI conference this weekend where for the first time I attended as faculty AND as the only self-published author at the signing.

I have to say I didn’t feel like a pioneer. I felt like the black sheep. Only it was really just in my head. So before I get to the good WordPress info that I’ll be sharing, this is my simple reminder to get out of your own head when it comes to being Indie. YOU ARE A PUBLISHED AUTHOR. OWN IT.

Okay and now that I’m done with my Public Service Announcement, here is one of the documents from my workshop as I presented it at NESCBWI this weekend.  (I’ll figure out later how to post my PowerPoint, any suggestions out there?)

Here is my list of links to learn WordPress through video:

*Please do not copy or distribute the documents below, but feel free to link back to this post. vs


Installing WP for the first time, Robert Wimer: – using bluehost and cPanel, a must watch for setting up, even if you don’t use bluehost

The basics of WP with Tyler Moore: – 1 hour long, but covers embedding YouTube video, photos, comment form, creating logos, icons and page creation. An older video but covers everything in detail.

Backup and Updates: WP websites are an SQL database, follow “mySQL database backup” per host instructions. Usually about 4mb in size. I recommend following your host’s instructions for backups which will save your site data as a Word doc or Excel spreadsheet. I personally do not have experience with the reliability of using a plugin created for this job: WordPress backup to dropbox is one of multiple options out there: by 77webstudio

Keeping WP updated by The Website Teacher: – walks you through updating WP and how to verify what the latest version of WP is, at the site. Also shows you how to keep your plugins updated.

WP Dashboard

Beginner WP from Lisa Irby at 2createawebsite. 26 minutes. Walks you through the basics including menu creation.

Appearance – how to make your site unique

For the slightly more advanced user: Lisa Irby’s use of Firebug (an html/css viewer) for Firefox:!

Hexadecimal colors:

Lisa’s hexadecimal color tools:


FTP: – quick and easy basics on what FTP is and how to use it to keep your site up to date


Embed youtube video:

Resize photos: – some of these options are free, some for a fee.

Marketing and site design

Great article on SEO:

The 7 pages by Brendon Burchard: – great speaker, non-fiction but great info on marketing via your web pages.  Web page info starts at about 18 minutes into the presentation. Think outside the box on this one, tweak his info for selling your books.


Rafflecopter – – create a contest giveaway, copy and paste the code from this site, into your posts or widget text box.

Goodreads – A tutorial by Freya on how to add a Goodreads widget. –


admin – a person or id that has full rights to edit, delete, create on a website of document.

browser – the client application where you view webpages

category – a class or group of things

CSS – Cascading style sheet

dashboard – the area of wordpress and other blogging platforms where an administrator can create posts, pages, add widgets, plugins and edit dynamics of their site.

domain – the name you go by on the internet

firebug – A firefox ad-on that allows you to see the html behind a website.

ftp- file transfer protocol – the way larger files are encoded when they are sent from one computer to another.

home page – the first page of a site when a viewer types in the url this is the landing page.

HTML- Hypertext markup language  – a standard language used to create webpages. A document that is made up of html has the extension .htm

http: hypertext transfer protocol: the standard protocol for transferring hypertext documents on the World Wide Web.

index – the pointer/foundation page, also known as a home page

links – the url for a site

outsourcing- via fiverr/elance

page- usually a static form of content accessible from the menu bar

plugin – An accessory software used in conjunction with an existing application like WordPress to extend its capabilities or provide additional functions.

png – portable network graphics – a file type that lends itself to high quality low size ratio.

post – content that is usually time stamped and time sensitive, like a blog entry.

SEO  – Search Engine Optimization- how easy is it to find your site?

SEO of tags and categories

static/dynamic pages – static being unchanging vs. continual changing page like a blog posting page.

tags –  singular descriptive word or words

URL – Uniform Resource Locator – a protocol for specifying addresses on the Internet

webhost – the business of providing various services, hardware, and software for Web sites, as storage and maintenance of site files on a server.

widget – like a knob or switch, this is a small computer program that can run inside of your WP webpages.

WordPress is a content management system- a box to hold your writing

WP theme – A pre-built template of design on the WordPress platform containing CSS pages.

*definitions aided by
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6 comments on “Indie Life – Helpful post-conference WP info
  1. Wow! Awesome! And you totally rocked the signing!

  2. ansha says:

    *blush* Thanks Laura, it’s your turn next year!!

  3. Hi, Ansha,

    By the look of it, your presentation was very informative. Good advice to own what we are and be proud of what we do.

    The plot for your book sounds super-cool.

    • ansha says:

      Thanks for commenting. I think, as writers, regardless of how we publish, we have, at one time or other, thought of ourselves as not yet making it when in reality we’re already there.

  4. Dan Schuler says:

    Hey Ansha,

    I’m setting up a website in preparation for releasing my first book through Kindle Direct. I found the above articles/info helpful. Thanks! Go PSU!

    Dan Schuler

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