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I am lucky enough to participate in a school visit with a middle school. The interested teacher won one of my books in a giveaway and I offered to visit his classroom. So keep giving out those books! Preparing for a classroom visit is exciting and I keep finding new things I need to consider. I thought I’d share some things that I’m learning as I get ready.

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Here are a list of things you might not have considered when thinking about a school visit.

1. Contacts – Keep handy the contact information for your teacher and the school’s PTO point person.

2. Bookmarks – Order  and bring enough bookmarks to hand out freely during the event. Sign some too. Kids love them!

3. Order Form – create an order form for your books that the PTO can distribute and collect monies. Later you’ll donate a percentage of the sales to the PTO as a fundraiser. Provide information about the book and an easy chart to order copies and offer to sign them.

4. Press Kit – This is for the local paper if they wish to promote the event.

5. Books – Order your books early. It usually takes 10 days or more for an order to process.

Besides preparing your presentation with props and fascinating information you’ll also need to know:

  • required to fill out a CORI form?
  • parking information
  • sign-in information
  • classroom location
  • will you have an escort while in the building?
  • lunch?
  • potty breaks?
  • A/V, are you bringing your own laptop with a PowerPoint? Will the classroom be equipped with a screen and projector? Will someone assist you with setup?
  • How many kids?
  • How many classes?
  • How long is the presentation expected to last? Q&A?

I am presenting to my first class in the beginning of October, so by the next Indie Post I’ll have a follow up on everything that happens!

How about you? Have you done a classroom visit? How did it go?

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3 comments on “Indie Life – School Visits, the top 5 things you’ll need
  1. How exciting for you! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  2. Lisa Orchard says:

    Congrats on your classroom visit Ansha! It sounds like you’ve got everything under control! Have fun! I enjoy them immensely! 🙂

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